Be a session drummer (Christmas vouchers)

I have been intending for some time to introduce a special type of lesson that enables students to experience live recording. As well as playing live shows, drummers are often required to record drum tracks for other musicians, artists, producers & record companies 

So here is your opportunity to experience being a session drummer and record up to 3 songs and take home your recorded music. The1 hour session will enable you to experience how a working studio operates & how prepared you must be to record. 

You can choose to record up to any 3 Rockschool Grade songs from the Grade or Hot Rock books.

It is important to practice the songs you have chosen to a very high standard & to be on time for the session as studio time is expensive & record companies & producers won’t pay for extra time if you don’t get it right in a few takes.  You may want to choose the songs you have just done or intend to do for your grade exam.

Our 1st Session Drummer day will be Sunday 15th January between 10.00am - 6.00pm.

If you are interested please email me at  & I will book a time for your recording session and issue an electronic voucher.

The cost is £60 per 1-hour session