Support your local drum store

Because the Internet is so convenient it has caused the closure of many high street music shops & in particular, drum shops.

As drummers, we should care if we lose our specialist drum shops because we lose the source of sound technical advice on skins, shells, sticks, cymbals & hardware, we lose the ability to get our hardware & drums repaired by specialist “Drumwrights”, we lose the chance to play before we pay, we lose the chance replace the bits that drop off our kits & get lost between gigs, especially if the kit is old & out of production.

If you are serious about drums, then you must be serious about who & where you seek advice, make purchases & maintain your kit.

We are so lucky! We have a Drumwright on our doorstep. The Drum Warehouse London is on the Cranbourne Estate in Potters Bar.  

Mario is an experienced Drumwright as well as a highly talented player & a complete drum nut like the rest of us. So, pop in & see him for your entire drum needs & I guarantee you will have an enjoyable experience. 

Remember we need him as much as he needs us.