New Date for - Be A Session Drummer 2017



Following the success of the last recording sessions Alan & I have set the date of SUNDAY 11TH JUNE for the next session.


As before each drummer will have an hour to record up to 3 songs of their choice over the available backing tracks.


This time there is much more choice of songs to record:


GRADE SONGS – Those students who are about to sit their Summer Grade Exam may wish to record their chosen grade songs (inc. Hot Rock Tracks) in preparation for the exam.


SOUND-ALIKE TRACKS – We have prepared over 150 backing tracks of popular Rock, Pop, Soul & Blues songs, chosen for their drum rhythms. These tracks are covers of the originals without vocals. To access this list follow the link You will need your Access Code to view the list. If you have forgotten your code text me & I will send it straight away.


KARAOKE-VERSION – This is a website that has 100’s & 100’s of downloadable songs without drums that we can use for recording. Visit, click on the “Drums” tab at the top & search for your chosen song. You can hear a demo of the song with & without drums. All the tracks come with vocals & are covers of the originals.



1)   Contact me & let me know what time of day suits you best & I will put your name on the timetable.

2)   Decide on what 3 songs you want to do & let me know a.s.a.p. as I have to score the drum part for you to learn.