Practice Advice

Don't Practice Until You Can Get it Right...Practice Until You Can't Get it Wrong!


Q - Why should I practice?

A – Practice is the ONLY way you will improve your drumming skills & become able to creatively express yourself on the drum set.


Q – How often should I practice?

A – As far as possible, practice every day.


Q – How long should I practice for?

A – How long is a piece of string? A professional will practice up to 4 hours per day. Little & often is the best way. As a rule of thumb you could apply the following:-

Beginner to Grade 2 – 10 to 20 mins per day or more

Grade 3 to Grade 4 – 20 to 30 mins per day or more

Grade 5 to Grade 6 – 40 to 50 mins per day or more

Grade 7 to Grade 8 – 1 hour per day or more.


Q – How should I practice?

A – Plan your practice time by dividing your practice time into 6-minute segments, use “Stone’s Method” & focus only on those areas of your playing that need attention. Remember, “Repetition is the Mother of Skill”.


Q – Do I need to use the metronome?

A – Absolutely, all the time. The metronome will develop your sense of timing, which is essential for a drummer.


Q – What happens if I don’t practice?

A – You actually get worse, because, over time, your muscles forget any training you have given them. Worse still you’re your benefactor may remove their funding & sell your drum kit!


Q – Is it practice when I play my favourite songs & play all the licks & fills I’m good at?

A – Not really, playing stuff you can do is “self-entertainment”. It is important to play fun stuff because playing drums is fun, but it is not practice.


Q – What can I do if I want to practice but I can’t get on the drum kit because everyone is at home & complaining it’s too noisy?

A – Use your practice pad.


For a full explanation of how to make your practice routine effective & how to use “Stones Method” go to & enter your pass code.